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What Powers This Blog?

People are always asking me which theme or plugin(s) I am using on the blog.

So I decided to publish a list of everything that I use to power this blog here.

If you have any questions on how I’ve got any of this setup, please feel free to ask in the comments below!


Newspaper Theme – This is the theme that I use on the blog which was custom developed by, It’s super-fast, SEO ready and easy to customise.


Redirection – This is the plugin I use to fix broken links, redirect old posts to new posts that seem relevant to avoid duplicate contents, this plugin also log 404 errors assets for me.

it’s not a heavy plugin that can slow website at all.

Yoast SEO – This is the number one SEO plugin on the planet and it has seen significant development in recent years.

Smush IT – This is the best image compression plugin I’ve used. after doing normal compression with tiny jpg, it also optimizes the images and shrinks them a little for me

Social Warfare – All of the social sharing buttons & ClicktoTweet boxes on the blog are powered by this plugin which offers a ton of features you can’t find anywhere else like recovering your social share if you migrate from HTTP to HTTPS or changing permalinks.

Thirsty Affiliates – All of my affiliate links are managed through Thirsty Affiliates. It has a ton of advanced features and makes it easy to stay on top of the hundreds of affiliate links that I’m managing.

CAOS – The plugin is what am using to render Google Analytics script locally to limit the external resources that my site is loading, and also to unblock the Blockers using the stealth mode to get better insights of users via Google analytics.

WP User Avatar – I use this plugin, so I can disable gravatar images, and make use of my own images. because gravatar images are heavy and it’s an external image which we can’t control. and it slows down the website. so I disable gravatar images completely.

Sucuri – Sucuri’s web application firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevent System (IPS) helps you clean out your website, protect it from malicious codes, and prevent hacking from multiple ways, It also stops suspicious behaviour, blocks DDoS attacks, and protects from brute force attacks. It uses machine learning to better understand the red flags and updates the patches and servers on your behalf so you don’t end up being a target of hackers.

WP Rocket – This is the ultimate plugin to increase your websites speed in just a few clicks, no other site speed or caching plugin can compete.

Internet Privacy Setup

1# Tor Browser

2# Firefox Browser

Website Monitoring

1# Uptrend

Uptrends is one of the most flexible and powerful monitoring tools available for monitoring websites, web applications, APIs, and servers.

Great for any business but ideal for the ones with teams, Uptrends keeps you on top of your website, servers, and APIs with the help of extensive monitoring and optimization. It notifies you instantly whenever something goes wrong with your website, and those alerts are pretty accurate because it’s monitored from 220 different locations worldwide.

You can seamlessly integrate Uptrends with tools like Slack and PagerDuty, or just about any tool using their custom option.

Since you get notified every time your website encounters a problem, you can choose to get those alerts via SMS, email, or even better – voice. The voice alert is mainly reserved for times when the problem is a little more serious and needs your attention.

Overall, it’s a wonderful solution, and there are Android and IOS apps of it as well for easier access. You can get started using their 30-day free trial.

Try Uptrend


Simple, effective and cost-efficient tool for website monitoring

You can monitor your websites in quite an uncomplicated manner with Updown. It presents the stats in a way that’s super straightforward, while not missing any of the essential details.

Talking about the main features, it has zero configuration dual-stack monitoring to get the best reporting every time. You can set the check intervals to as late as 10 minutes and as quick as 15 seconds, depending upon what’s best for you.

Whenever your website encounters a downtime, it is confirmed from 8 different locations before alerting you about it. This helps in avoiding false triggers that might be the case of errors, and this tool is great at keeping errors aside.

Also, you’re notified whenever your SSL is found to be invalid or about to expire. This is a nice little feature that might not be that necessary, but it’s good to have it as a bonus.

Other than that, it lets you connect with a bunch of third-party apps, display reports in multiple languages, and integrate it with REST & WebHook APIs.

Updown is a really affordable solution for people who like simplicity and want to focus only on website monitoring.

Try Updown

WordPress Hosting

1# HostArmanda

As a new blogging starter, I will say you are good to go with HostArmanda they offer a good plan for beginners and their plans are good.

You’re guaranteed 100% uptime, which is super huge and helpful for your site. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, this hosting provider commits to 24/7 support standing right by your side whenever you need them.

  • HostArmada Support is 100% responsive.
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Ultra-Fast Web Server (Litespeed) being the fastest webserver.
  • Unlimited Data Storage and many more. Best Hosting Platform For Beginners.

Try HostArmada

2# Kinsta

I use kinsta for the website I build for other users, who don’t wanna deal with technical issues.

Get your hands on Kinsta, which is a brilliant fully managed hosting provider for WordPress. You can literally hold yourself back with peace after using this service, because they take care of monitoring, scaling, and managing so you can focus on growing your business. It’s like, the moment you invest in this hosting, they start investing their time on you for the best possible outcome.

You can enjoy great speed and a support team that is available every time you need them. Apart from that, it’s essential to mention that Kinsta is super user-friendly despite its advanced features made for developers. You can get up and running as soon as you hop into the dashboard.

The most important thing is that it’s really secure. All your data and assets will remain protected from all those nasty threats out there. They also perform daily backups and if in case you were with a different host, then you can get free migrations as well.

Kinsta runs its hosting on top of Google Cloud, which is really reliable. All of these features are the reason brands like Flippa, Buffer, and TripAdvisor chose them as their hosting provider (and why you should too).

Try Kinsta

Email Marketing

Converkit: I personally use convertkit. so mails don’t go into spam boxes. I don’t know how they are doing it. but mails has never gotten blacklisted before.

Try Converkit

Static Website Hosting

1# Netlify

Netlify is what I use mostly for projects I build for clients, host my portfolio, in general, I use it for my Frontend Projects project

Try Netlify

2# Firebase Hosting

Firebase is a technology from google that I love so much due to the other service that comes with. like Firebase NoSQL Database, Firebase Storage. it’s a good setup to have all your toolkit in one place, saving cost also.

Try Firebase

3# DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean another platform that I love so much. I love their VPS service, I use their Ubuntu VPS for Automation setup in my Bug Bounty Testing.

It also has options to host Static websites too. and for those who would like to host WordPress. It’s a good option because of its stability and ability to expand your Server use and others

It’s a sweet platform for those technical Geeks

Try DigitalOcean


1# Ahref

I use Ahref mostly

This is one of the most complete SEO tools, not only because of the tools that it provides but because it’s the biggest warehouse of SEO data on the planet which means you can make intelligent decisions quickly.

Site Analysis: The fully-featured site audit tool will automatically scan your site for problems every week and sends weekly reports direct to your inbox. This isn’t my primary tool for conducting audits, but it is my primary source of alerts for problems..

Keyword Research: They have the best data in SEO period. And that includes both keyword data & traffic data which makes it easy to find awesome keywords (learn how in my Ahrefs review).

Backlink Checker: There is no doubt that Ahrefs is the king of backlink checkers. They dominated every single test

Try Ahref

2# SEMrush

Backlink Audit: SEMRush also have a pretty comprehensive database of links that you can download and use to your advantage. Check out my full SEMRush review to learn how to use it the right way.

Content Research: I use SEMRush to find topics to write on

Try SEMRush

Listening Tool

Listening to the web is a great way to pick up things on the internet easily

I suggest you set up monitors to listen for your brand name, author name, website URL, email addresses, phone numbers or any other information that is unique to you.

It has helped me all round, monitoring where my name shows up, checking where my domain shows up. an easy way to get things to your footsteps.

Google Alert is what I use to monitor things and get them straight in my email.

Try Google Alert