In a space where privacy is issue and crypto is dominating, why haven’t you gotten your self an anonymous crypto currrency exchange? where you can send and receive cryptocurrency without verifying your identity.

Meaning you don’t have to provide your personal information while registering and you can always access your account using an email address and password alone.

But this anonymous bitcoin platform exchanges comes with a limitation, i.e there is a certain threshold for unverified users in terms of trading volume, daily and liftime transaction limits like deposit and withdrawal.

But none-withstanding, we can achieve our Anonymousity goals with this exchanges and having more than one anonymous crypto exchange will also help out.

Here we go;

Top Anonymous Crypto Exchanges That Don’t Require KYC to trade crypto

1. Binance

BInance Best Anonymous Exchanges That Dont Need KYC

Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform in the crypto space with over 10 milllion plus users.

On Binance you can trade anonymously, deposit and withdraw up to 2 BTC without KYC, you dont need to verify your identity or address or even upload a government ID card.

Binance have a platform coin named BNB (Binance Coin), and the coin has two protocol chain named BNB Beacon Chain(BEP2) and BNB Smart Chain (BEP20).

Having the BNB coin will help you reduce transaction fees.

Also binance platform has some other features that can help you earn on the crypto coins you have through services like staking, liquidity pools, launchpad, launchpool, BNB Vaults and more and they make sure you don’t loose your money.

Also they you can get various rewards too by referring people to the platform.

Binance is led by Changpeng Zhao (CZ), and you can download the Binance app for both android devices, iPhone, macOS, Windows and Linux Computers.

2. Moonpay

Moonpay is a really wonderful choice for anonymous crypto exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoin without submitting any KYC, but you cant trade on moonpay, you can only buy and sell.

Moonpay anonymous cryptocurrency platform no kyc

All you need is just your credit card, a wallet address(Metamask, Trustwallet) and an email address to buy and sell your crypto coins easily.

MoonPay was launched in 2019 with a simple goal of increasing cryptocurrency adoptation with ease, and have been really awesome, their support team is also very responsive.

You can easy buy and sell BTC, ETH, LINK, XLM, USDT, USDC, LTC, DOGE, BNB ,SOL and more.

Note: you have limit amount of $300-$306, which you can trade without providing KYC, exceeding this limit amount will attract you going through the MoonPay KYC.

Moonpay anonymous crypto platform no kyc

You can only access MoonPay through their website only, it’s not cross-platform like Binance and others, they don’t have an Android, iOS app or Desktop apps.

3. Bitcoin ATM

If you are lucky to be in a country that adopts bitcoin and others cryptocurrency(El savador and other few countries), then Bitcoin ATMs is the best options for you to buy an exchange cryptocurrency without providing any KYC verification.

Bitcoin ATMs has a little setback which is, high exchange fees, so if you can bare it, you are good to go.

You can always find the nearest Bitcoin ATMs using the Coin ATM App, The app has an always updated map of Bitcoin ATMs of various Crypto companies, also the app is free.

4. Cryptex

Cryptex is no doubt the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, the platform is the center of absense of a single transaction.

On cryptex, you can easily and quickly exchange bitcoin online and other cryptocurrency without registration.

The advantage that cryptex has over MoonPay is that, there is no limits and restrictions, they work with cash in over 11 countries, bank cards and a lot of online/electronic payments.

cryptex anonymous crypto exchange

You don’t need verification for any kind of transactions, all you need is just to specify

  • An email address(use can always use a burner email)
  • A secure password, check out our guide on how to generate secure passwords using secure password manager.

A platform that offers this much, you might be thinking they will be heavy on transaction fees right? well cryptex platform transaction fees are relatively low.

When you have registered on the cryptex exchange, you can now top up your balance, participate in trading, withdraw your money and also modify your security settings to improve your account security.

Best Anonymous Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2023

Probably wondering already that what are the listed ones above about then, if we have another decentralized exchanges.

The difference between the Decentralized Exchanges and the Centralized Exchanges is that on Decentralized exchanges, you only can trade, swap coins, vote, farm and stake your coins to earn crypto passively.

You can’t buy crypto using your local banks FIAT money neither can you sell your crypto coins to recieve fiats into your local banks.

On decentralized exchanges, you can only make use of the crypto coin you already have in your crypto wallets like MetaMask, TrustWallet, or Phantom Wallet.

Also you must have a cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask already to use Decentralized Exchanges, because they don’t provide wallets features for you.

While on the other hand the Centralized Exchanges we’ve listed above allows you to buy and sell, withdraw and deposit crypto using your local banks FIATS without using KYC.

Not all Centralized Exchanges can allow you to buy and sell without you providing KYC, but the ones we have listed above, will allow you to buy and sell crypto without KYC.

Looking at what Decentralized Exchange is, you should know that there won’t be any need for KYC to use them.

So let’s cut to the chase.

Here are the best Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges that we’ve tested:

5. Uniswap (V3)

Uniswap is a Decentralized Exchange for trading and automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.

The Uniswap team has been working effective to give us the best and have been improving their platform, thats why we have been having the birth of different version of their protocol;  Uniswap(V2) and the latest Uniswap(V3).

You can trade anonymously on Uniswap, Swap coins, buy coins with your already owned stable coins (USDT, BUSD, DAI and more) that you have in your hot wallets like MetaMask and TrustWallets.

Uniswap is an Ethereum based platform, so when ever you want to deal with Ethereum based cryptocoins, thats when you can use Uniswap.

it also some other network you can trade with; Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum.

uniswap anonymous decentralized exchange

Uniswap is known to take too much fees when transacting, because Ethereum network collects heavy transaction fee.

So you can use it, if you can afford the transaction fees there 👍.

6. PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap has the most largest number of users of decentralized exchanges ever, and those users have entrusted them with over $12 billion+.

pancakeswap decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

And the reason for this much users is because PancakeSwap is built on the Binance Smart Chain which is the protocol that has the lowest transaction fee/gas.

So for this reason, a lot of crypto coins are built on the Binance Smart Chain, so with PancakeSwap you can trade all cryptocurrency that have the Binance Smart Chain protocol.

Also PancakeSwap has their own community coin name CAKE and you can easily trade liquidity, swap coins, farm and earn passive crypto coins on the PancakeSwap Exchange.

You must connect your crypto wallet(Metamask) to the PancakeSwap platform to use their exchange and it is totally safe


Dextool is an All in one decentralized cryptocurrency exchange where tou can trade cryptocurrency, stable coin and a lot of coin pairs are available on their platform.

It is considered as the Ultimate Home and Defi App For Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quickswap, Spookyswap, Cronaswap and other decentralized exchanges.

Dextool provides you with real time price updates of crypto coins, you have to connect your crypto wallet(Metamask) to Dextool to use their exchange and it is totally secure and safe.

We are done here, note that this guide will keep getting updates of new exchange that we discover.

If you know of any other genuine cryptocurrency exchange that is good for anonymity, kindly share them with us via the comment.


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