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Anonymous cryptocurrency wallet? Yeah it is the best option to use in the world where privacy is a concern and a place where people in great position are already making regulation rules to compromise your privacy.

Oh yes, you think the likes of binance, coinbase and co. care about your privacy? Big tech won’t prioritize your privacy unless you demand and take actions your self.

Where the government can cripple the economic state of the nation, lock out your accounts without a second choice.

But with safe anonymous crypto wallet, there is nothing like third parties sniffing around and no centralized crypto platforms or banks can wake up one day to lock you out of your wallets.

In this guide, you will learn about top six anonymous bitcoin wallets that you can use to improve your transactional privacy, boost your financial sovereignty when trading in cryptocurrencies.

1. Samourai Wallet (Android Wallet)

Samurai Wallet is a mobile wallet that is designed for Android operating systems only, it uses the military-grade encryption to make your identity and location safe and private.

The samurai apps can be used along with VPNs and also Tor networks, and use can still use the wallet offline😁, we have a guide on the best VPNs for Privacy.

It is designed to keep miner fees as low as possible, it also have a built-in trust-less CoinJoin feature.

Samurai wallet has some security features that can keep your assets safe from harms and hacks;

  • You can set a five digit PIN to always use when accessing your wallet, it also uses BIP 39 and BIP 44 while using the wallet, BIP 47 which increases the anonymity.
  • Generates and store your private keys on the device.
  • Certificate pinning to prevent middle-man attacks

Another awesome thing about Samurai Wallet is that, they don’t reuse addresses for transactions, so critical meta-data or identity won’t be leaked, this discourage blockchain detectives.

The Samurai wallet is very easy to use, to deposit and transfer, there is an in-app scanner option that makes it even easy to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

You can Download Samourai Wallet from Google Play or from their website.


  1. The fact that it is a privacy concerned wallet doesn’t makes the Interface bad, Samurai wallet has a friendly user interface .
  2. You can easily use VPNs and Tor Network with transaction if there is geo location restriction
  3. Has a good reputation and it is reliable
  4. Samurai uses a Military grade AES-256 encryption.


  1. You have some security measures to handle your self, things like upgrading the latest version of your wallet.
  2. Does not support a direct withdrawal of digital currency to physical tender.

2. Edge Wallet

edge anonymous cryptocurrency wallet

Edge Wallet is the all in one anonymous cryptocurrency wallet, you can manage all your assets with just one wallet.

You can also trade seemlessly with edge app, you can even buy and sell in-app, it also comes with an advantage of accessing your wallet using username and password.

Edge Wallet claims that security is their foundation and not a feature, so on edge wallet, you can unlock your wallet with biometric or PIN.

They have zero-knowledge security architecture, which means they don’t need, nor do they want your private informations, making sure your privacy is respected.

They makes sure your data are encrypted before they reaches their server, and yeah they dont have any server-side hacks.

So your assets are safe and if you forget or lost your password, they have a password recovery options for you to get back into your wallet.

Edge has been existing since 2014, so they are reputable and safe for usage, you can download Edge for both Android, iOS, Tablets.

3. Electrum Wallet (Cross Platform Wallet)

Electrum is one of the oldest and lite Bitcoin wallet, it was launched in 2011, the desktop version of the wallet is designed to only support bitcoin.

The Electrum wallet is open sourced under the MIT Licence.

It is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux OS and TailOS it was designed to to protect the users privacy and provide great anonymity shield.

It is also designed to integrate seemlessly with Hardware wallets like Ledger, Trezor and Keepkey, It also generates seed phrases for you to keep, making it easy to access your assets when your phone get stolen or lost.

You can easy download Electrum directly from their website and create a wallet, you can choose to create

  • Standard wallet
  • Wallet with two-factor verification
  • Multi-signature wallet
  • Hardware wallet

You can refer to their documentation to learn more about this wallet options.


  1. Easy integration with hardware wallet.
  2. Can access your assets from any device using your wallet seed phrases
  3. You can secure your assets with a two factor authentication.


  1. Beginners may find it difficult to operate only if they don’t want to read their electrum documentation.

4. BitLox: Hardware Wallet

bitlox hardware anonymous cryptocurrency wallet

When we are looking for privacy based and fully secured cryptocurrency wallet, then we cant leave out BitLox Hardware Wallet.

The BitLox Hardware Wallet is accessible over the Tor and I2P network.

BitLox has a five years warranty, and the casing are made up of high-strength titanium that are also used for spy planes and satallites, so it can stand any force or crash.

With BitLox, you can store up to 100 wallets, where you can hide 50 wallets, which won’t be visible to any one except you.

Its very easy to use because it comes with manuals on how you can operate it and their support team are very responsive.

They don’t take returns of wallets when the hardware wallets have been ripped off.

You can purchase the BitLox Hardware Wallet from their Official Website and it will be delivered to you anywhere around the globe.


  1. Can be used offline.
  2. Reputable and safe.
  3. BitLox gives you the full anonymity when dealing with bitcoin


  1. Expensive, cost of buying and shipping is cost.

5. Wasabi Wallet

wasabi anonymous crypto wallets

How can we leave out Wasabi wallet when talking about anonymous cryptocurrency wallets, never.

Wasabi is formerly known as HiddenWallet and it is a good non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for Desktop devices only.

Wasabi makes use of one the best privacy features for shuffling coins called Chaumian CoinJoin., simply put CoinJoin😁, so no one gets to trace your transactions.

Wasabi is a very safe transparent open-source wallet, it is available on MacOS, Linux and Windows, you can download it here.

With Wasabi Wallet, you can reclaim your privacy again.

Important Key Steps to Make your Crypto or Bitcoin Anonymous


CoinJoin is a means where many users combining their bitcoin payments from multiple spenders into a single large transaction with multiple inputs and multiple outputs.

Making it difficult for outside parties to trace where a particular coin is sent from and where it was sent to.

coinjoin anonymous crypto wallet

Tor-Onion Router for Anonymity

You can make cryptocurrency network through a Tor browser.

Tor will help you encrypt and route internet traffic to any PC nodes that is on the Tor network randomly before they get to their destination.

This makes it difficult to identify your device or your IP address where your transaction is originated, meaning you will remain Anonymous.

VPN that are genuinely Log-less

There are a lot of VPNs out there, everyone claims to be privacy focused and logs no data, so far in history most of them tell lies, those words are used for marketing sake.

This means you have to be careful with the VPNs you will be picking to use to when making transactions on your anonymous crypto wallets, using VPN with your anonymous wallet improves your privacy.

You can checkout this list of VPN providers that we trust and have tested.


We are already living at a time where policy makers can just wake up and make rules that can cripple the economic situations, our data are being tracked and spyed on which is a threat to our freedom as an individual.

So using all this anonymous cryptocurrency wallets you will put you ahead achieving financial sovereignty and prepare you for any future financial sabotage.


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